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Pro Book Writing is a leading book marketing and promotion services provider with a team of top industry experts on board. They have all been handpicked while keeping in mind that they come from versatile backgrounds with extended expertise in multiple areas of book marketing and promotion services. Hire us today and turn your manuscript into a bestseller!

Successfully Market Your Book with Pro Book Writing Expert Marketers

Pro Book Writing is a leading book marketing agency providing the best book and eBook marketing services at your ease. We have hired all the top industry experts specialized in multiple areas of book marketing and promotion services so as to ensure that your books successfully transform into bestsellers within no time.

Hire the experts from Pro Book Writing and get aboard to the journey of incredible success!


Pro Book Marketing Services Will Help You Become a Bestseller

Pro Book Marketing is one of the best book promotion companies offering super affordable book marketing plans. Our plans offer total book marketing solutions from the curation of strategies to their execution and analytics so as to help you become a bestseller without hassle.

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Market & Promote Your Books with Tried and Tested Strategies

We are a team of expert online book marketing specialists who knows exactly how to best curate a book marketing strategy which could bring your idea to heights and transform your manuscript into a bestseller. The experts at Pro Book Writing have been working in the industry for decades now and have a bulk of tried and tested strategies for successful online book marketing.


Get the Most Out Of Your Books with Pro Book Writing Marketing and Promotional Services

Pro Book Writing offers the best-in-town book promotion services for authors including everything from the basic strategy development to the final execution and monitoring of the analytics. Our experts have the best book promotion ideas which they exercise to market your book right in front of your audience and bring maximum sales and traffic.

Here Is How We Promote & Market Your Books

Custom Marketing Strategy

Pro Book Writing is the best book marketing agency offering incredible solutions for all. Whether you’re an author, an entrepreneur, or anyone with an incredible manuscript that is publish-ready, our book marketing and promotion experts could help you transform that manuscript into a bestseller within no time. They are all handpicked, elite, and top industry experts who know every possible tactic and strategy to drive maximum traffic towards your book and help you attain incredible sales and revenue.

Here’s the list of top book marketing and promotion strategies we usually implement at Pro Book Writing!

The best book marketing experts at Pro Book Writing understand how crucial it is to build a customized brand for the rightful selling of your book. The process of the custom marketing strategy we implement involves the following steps

Defining Your Perfect Customer

The foremost part of our customized book marketing services plan is defining your perfect customer. This involves devising upon a particular group of people that are likely to be attracted to your book. We’ll prepare a buyer persona including the demographics, geographic factors, and everything that might be required to identify a person as a potential buyer of your book.

Developing Your Brand Story

The next step our professional book marketers underwent is developing your brand story. This involves curating a story of your brand while keeping in mind the previously defined buyer persona. It involves creating a combination of design content, and strategy so as to rightly capture the defined audience and pull them towards the idea of purchasing your book.

Executing the Custom Marketing Strategy

Now that your marketing strategy is ready, we move forward to the execution. From planning and implementation to optimization and reporting, our professional book marketers take care of everything that’s important to run a successful book marketing and promotion campaign. Our experts not only help you execute a successful book marketing campaign but also keep assisting you through the monitoring and improvement of the loopholes found inside your campaign.

Promotional Campaigns

Promotional campaigns are a great way to transform your manuscripts into bestsellers. Thence, the professional book marketers at Pro Book Writing, employ this strategy in creating successful professional campaigns for your books. Here’s the list of steps we employ in the successful execution of promotional book campaigns!

Set Aims and Objectives

This step involves setting standard aims and objectives that are meant to be achieved via the promotional campaign for instance, sales maximization, increase in traffic, or a rise in potential leads, etc.

Setting objectives in the beginning helps you streamline the promotional strategy in a perfect manner and every step you take goes in the direction of achieving your set goals.

Determining Promotional Materials

This step involves determining the promotional material that would be utilized in engaging and influencing customers for making a purchase. They might include brochures, posters, and other print materials and broadcast media.

Developing Promotional Message

The real objective of a promotional message is to reach out to your audience and convert them into clients. Thence, we develop promotional messages in relation to your manuscript and design them in such a manner that they could reach your audience in the best possible manner. We have professional book marketers which provide you the best online book marketing.

Set Up Social Profiles

Another incredible strategy we implement as a part of our online book marketing is setting up your social profiles. Active social profiles are a great means of engaging potential audiences, specifically, for book authors. They are a platform where your audience could connect, engage, and feel a real affiliation with the author – driving their interest in making a purchase. Thence, we provide total assistance in building super-active and engaging social media profiles for book authors so that your audience feels connected.

Here’s the list of social media platforms we usually encourage authors to build their profiles on!


Twitter is one popular social media platform where you could connect with an expanded and versatile audience. We help you make it an active profile by posting consistently and engaging the audience by sharing prompts and sneak peeks from your book.


This is another popular social media network where you could find the majority of your potential audience. Facebook allows you to connect with your audience by posting either photos, videos or even text content. You can also expand your reach on Facebook by spending smaller budgets – maximizing the chances of your sales and conversions.


A popular social network among the youth, Instagram, allows you to engage and connect with your audience via posting aesthetic photos and videos. It’s a great social network to connect with a young audience and our professional book marketers let your ace up sales and conversions by posting quotes and excerpts from your book online.

Online Book Advertising Plans

As a leading online book marketing service, we provide the best book advertising plans that are affordable and adaptable for all. Be it a professional author, an entrepreneur, or new writer, we offer book marketing and promotion services for everyone and all.

Our advertising plans include the following features –

  • Buyer persona development to help identify your audience;
  • Book marketing strategy development to help target your potential audience;
  • Book marketing strategy execution to help drive traffic and maximize your sales and conversion;
  • Post execution analytics to keep up with the trends and make improvements wherever required.

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